Shane Claiborne on Tal Prince Live!

Hey friends!

I'm REALLY excited this week to have Shane Claiborne on the show. Remember, we are live Sunday nights from 9-10 EST/6-7 PST on Sirius Channel 161.

This is one of those guys that really gets the Gospel, and has taken it radically serious. Go check out his website at He is an author, and an activist. Actually, he even went to Baghdad and lived there during the shock and awe phase of the gulf war.

You want to live a counter cultural lifestyle? Cool. Then you will love Shane. He lives among the homeless in inner city Philadelphia and aids those in recovery from various addictions. They all live together in community and we're going to hear all about it!

His most recent books are, The Irresistible Revolution, and Jesus for President. You are going to love this guy, and you are definitely going to be challenged by him. Tune in and tell your friends!

Remembering Maria Sue Chapman

It was years ago that Teresa and I made the decision that it was finally time to adopt. It was shortly thereafter that we met Steven Curtis Chapman for the first time and talked to him about it, as we knew they had adopted from China.

We told him that we didn't want to wait for Teresa to turn 30, as China requires, but he urged us to reconsider. We did, and after much prayer, we decided to wait. This is how we got Bethany, and shortly thereafter, JoHannah.

Over the years of crusade work, I crossed paths with Steven and we exchanged stories and photos of our daughters.

It was with great sadness that we got the news of Maria Sue's death this past Wednesday. It is just so sad, but we do not grieve without hope.

I have been truly struck this week by a couple of songs that Steven wrote. He had no idea what he was really writing about in these songs, but God surely did.

Watch the videos, and think about and pray for the Chapman family in their loss. Particularly their teenage son who accidentally ran over Maria as he was leaving the house. It's just all so awful, but God has a plan and a reason - though we may not see it on this side of the Kingdom.

Jeremiah 29:11 is as true today as it ever was.

We do not grieve without hope.

Dance on, Cinderella. You are with the only one who loves you more than your parents.

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It's Just Too Accurate

Every once in awhile, a music video captures life with astonishing accuracy.

Here's one that does it very well. Pause the music at the bottom of the page, and enjoy this. You'll never know how many people come to me stunned that someone they met online was not who they claimed to be...

Don't come to the internet for intimacy - it's not here.

I will, however take issue with the video on one key point. The Mac references are way out of line. You know this type of thing is far more PC based.

Dan Allender on Tal Prince Live!

Ok, so how do you interview someone that you have an enormous amount or respect and admiration for? Dan Allender's writings, and his story, have had a tremendous impact on me over the years. So, on a whim, I tell Jack Landham to try and book him on the show.

I never thought he would actually do it, but guess what - he agreed and will be on the show tomorrow night! I am excited/terrified and have no clue what to really say to the man. SO, if you have any questions for Dan Allender, e-mail me, or leave a comment here on the blog! We will use them, I promise. Well, unless it's a pointless question like boxers or briefs...

Help me out with this one, alright? It's a clear case of being careful what you wish for... I'm thrilled to have him on, but freaked out at the same time. Don't forget to tune in! Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 161 Sunday night at 9:00 EST/6:00 PST
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George, Jesus, James, and Juno

(Scroll down and pause the uber cool soundtrack and enjoy the multi media experience of this entry)

Ok, who doesn't love that clip? Better yet, who isn't convicted by that clip? Have you ever felt that the opposite of your instincts must be right? Me too. Do you know why? Because it's true. Our flesh will always compete with the Gospel. Our flesh will always compete with Christ.

Need an example? Ok. One word - confession. Still with me? Let's be honest - most of us would rather have our fingernails pulled out one at a time by a pair of rusty pliers than to confess our sins to people.

Why are we so scared of confession? You know, I'm all about the Reformation. BIG fan. Luther and I are tight, ok? I sometimes think, though, that in a hyper reaction against all things Catholic, we tossed out a whole lot of stuff that was really good.

Confession may be one of those things - not in the sense that we need a mediator between us and God - we don't. Jesus is that for us. But there is something to confessing to another person - it's empowering to confess and be accepted. Wait a minute - could it be that the Bible is right? Really?

Fact is, that it is going to happen whether we want it to or not. Why? Because Jesus says so. Now, many of us believe that all we need to do is to confess to God, right? I mean, if he knows, what's the point of telling another person? Why should I? How can that possibly help me? What's the point? How many more questions can I come up with to filibuster and hopefully avoid this?

Not confessing our sins to another person is hypocrisy in it's rawest form. The word hypocrisy comes from the Greek word for play acting - to wear a mask. Most of us have done that right? We feel so inherently unlovable that we cover up our failures and shortcomings so that people will love the role we play. They aren't loving us, they are loving the mask we wear.

Those of us who have been in 12 step meetings can tell you that they are incredibly freeing. Why? Because anyone can confess anything in there and no one will freak out, and they will maintain confidence. It's true intimacy, and it should really grind your gears that 12 step groups do a better job of dispensing grace than most churches.

In honestly confessing to others, our hypocrisy is slowly replaced by true humility. Our masks begin to loosen and eventually fall off and we learn that not only is forgiveness real, but that we can be truly loved in spite of our imperfection. This is a big moment in life. I lived trapped in a world that I was sure would not love me if they knew I made a mistake - any kind of mistake. It's incredibly freeing to know that it is not true. You have to confess to find that out.

Jesus says in Luke 12 "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops." It's pretty clear isn't it?

When we keep the secrets, they gnaw at our souls, don't they? It takes a great deal of work to keep secrets. They keep you trapped in the paralyzing fear of being found out. They keep you from moving forward. They keep you playing a part. They keep you wearing a mask. They keep you a hypocrite.

There's a canyon of difference between coming clean and getting caught. Coming clean is much easier, and I think we all get that - it's just that it's easier for someone else to do it.

James writes, "Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed."

You see, we need the Body of Christ. We need community. Going it alone in spiritual matters is rarely a good idea, right? We're not meant to go it alone. We are not meant to isolate. We are meant to the opposite of what we feel is right. Our instinct is to cover our sin up. To hide our imperfection, but that instinct is wrong!

When George confesses his true state, the result is much better! And he has the opportunity to start a truly intimate relationship instead of his typical hypocritical relationships as a marine biologist or an architect.

Confession reminds us we are loved. We are not alone, and we may actually get some help and guidance. Watch Juno confess to her parents that she is pregnant.

Clearly, it's not perfect, but still a supportive family. We need to have safe people in our lives that we can confess our sins to. You can do it because you serve a Savior who beat death and his Holy Spirit lives inside you which is why you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Does it feel like the opposite of what you want to do? Good. Go find a safe person and do it.