SO sorry...

Hello Friends,

So sorry for the lack of material from me over the past several months. I am really trying to focus on getting my first book done, which is no small task with all of the other work I have going on in my world.

One day, I will get back to blogging regularly - I promise.

Here are a few recent thoughts, though...

I just made it home from a long speaking road trip, during which I had the privilege of spending a week with a couple hundred pastors for their denominational conference. Now, I know what you're thinking - this is a dangerous idea. It was. We had a wonderfully difficult time talking about pornography and sexual addiction for about three days.

God is continuing to open doors and bring others into my life that have a desire to help those trapped in addiction to pornography and sexual addiction. Plans are coming together, and we'll hopefully be launching something in the coming months. I'm very excited about it, and think it will revolutionize the current church culture. It is bold, and that's what it takes.

If you could, please pray for us as we continue to plan.

If you haven't - please swing over to and join up! You can watch our live stream on Sunday nights! We'd love to have you worship with us!

I'll be back, I promise!
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