The Easter Show

So, this week it will be our pleasure to have Cliff Barrows as our guest. This is a man that has truly given his life to the gospel. He has worked with Billy Graham for over 60 years and they have traveled the world many times over spreading the gospel.

How have these men stayed scandal free for over 60 years? How have they stayed accountable? How have they stayed together? What did it cost them? What did it cost their families?

They have held 419 crusades in over 150 countries. Come listen to the stories of how these men traveled the world telling THE story.

And YES we will take your calls during the show!

Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern on Sirius Satellite Channel 161!
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Thanks To Kim Ketola!

Hello Friends!

Well, we're three shows in and we're trying to work out the kinks and learn some important lessons. Personally, I'm having a blast!

Our second show from Nashville was what I would really like our show to be like. We had lots of interaction with you, and we got some folks some solid help. That is fantastic! We want to thank John from WAY FM in Nashville for engineering the program! He did a great job for us, and we were very thankful.

Last night, it was great to have my friend, Kim Ketola, with us.  Talking about abortion in a non-politicized way is a tad difficult, but she did a great job.  Having been there, she is very grace based and merciful.  We had a really insightful conversation about a topic that is far more common in the pews than we care to think.

This coming week, we're going to have Cliff Barrows on the program. He worked with legendary evangelist Billy Graham for over 60 years! Can you believe it? He's a fascinating man, and we will have a great deal to learn from him. We will be taking calls on this show, so please plan to call in!  If you have questions that you would like answered, you can e-mail them in advance to

Do you have ideas or topics you would like for us to cover? Please write in and let us know!  Just e-mail us, and we'll put it on our list.

If you want us to cover pornography more often, please let us know about that too! We'll deal with it pretty regularly, but it will help us to know how often you would like for us to cover it.

We are here to interact with you!

If you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area, I will be preaching at Cathedral Church of the Advent Tuesday and Wednesday at noon.  Details are available at 

Leave a comment or e-mail!
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Broadcasting from Nash-Vegas!

Hey Friends!
For our next trick - we will perform a live remote broadcast in only our second week!  It's added just a bit of stress into the week for our team of intrepid broadcast rookies, but onward and upward, right?

We will be in Nashville for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention which means we won't be in our home studio in the friendly confines of Southeastern Bible College.  We will be coming to you all the way live from the studios of 88.7 WAY FM. They have been most gracious hosts so far, and we are very thankful for their hospitality.  

We'll be talking about pornography this week, and I'll share some of my own story wrestling with it for 24 years.  Do you have a question about porn? Well, not like where to find it or anything, but if you struggle with it, or have someone close to you that does, call in or e-mail us! (and really, who among us doesn't fit at least one of those categories, right?)

You can e-mail the show at:  And this Sunday night, you can call us at: 1.888.339.2936.  Please call or e-mail! We can't do the show without YOU!!! Remember, it's a Pharisee Free Zone!
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Ok, so I get lots of requests about this post from last year. So, I'm just going to repost it, as it is one of my favorites as well. I use this very often at men's conferences, and it gives us a great way to laugh at ourselves while getting the point that we need community. Isolation is deadly.

Ok, so this is you fighting porn/sex alone. Maybe you are an addict, and maybe you are not, but if you try and fight it alone, this is what you look like. Really, if you fight any sin issue alone in your life, this is what you look like. The Gospel, my friends, is meant to be lived in community. We are to be Proverbs 27:17 people - iron sharpening iron. We are to encourage each other on in the race to win the prize.

This clip is such a great metaphor. The Black Knight initially does not talk with his adversary - that was the right call. But then, he engages in conversation, and ultimately in combat, and he winds up a bloody stump in complete denial. How many times have you been there?

You're alone, and the urge hits. You try and shut it down, or walk away from the computer. That's the right call. Even better is to call your friends and accountability team. But you don't, and soon the rationalizing begins and you stay at the computer, and you are engaging. Well, I'll just look at a splash screen, and then I'll stop. An arm falls off, and you claim it is only a scratch. Hours later, there you are, a bloody stump in denial.

Think about it - when you isolate yourself from your community, isn't that when you get into the most trouble?

Watch this, get a laugh, and get a point. None of us are invincible...

Fight alone, and you wind up a bloody stump in complete denial. It's just that simple.

By the way, do you have any accountability software on your computer? This is a great help, because you know you're not really alone. Your accountability team will get reports of every site you visit. This is a big help for me. I use and recommend Covenant Eyes, and they have graciously agreed to extend a 30 day free trial to readers of this blog! Just click on the banner ad on this page, and then click "sign up now!" Then you won't be the Black Knight.

Taking to the Airwaves

Can you believe it?  Tonight at 9PM Eastern Standard Time, on Sirius Channel 161, we take the conspiracy of grace to North America.  We are very excited about what God has in store for us!

The new website is up and running if you would like to take a look - If you don't have Sirius, or you don't live in North America, we will post our broadcasts on the website after they air.  We would love to stream them live, but the terms of our contract are that the live broadcast be exclusive to Sirius.

Please pray for us as our team is inexperienced to say the least. Let me give you the lineup.
Jack Landham is my executive producer and pimp extraodinaire. He is our most seasoned player, and he is the genius that God used to score this tremendous opportunity.  Jack is a tireless worker for the show, and for the ministry to which God has called us. I can't say enough about my pimp, Jack Landham.  Oh, and he is single and available - Ladies?

Herbie Handal is a student at Southeastern Bible College and our engineer.  Time spent engineering radio shows?  Umm, what year is it...2008?  Ok, then let me do the math here....yeah, about 2 hours.  Herbie has a heart for what we are trying to do, and is a great guy.  As far as I know, he is single and available - Ladies?

Casey "Sea Bass" Hobbs is a student at Beeson Divinity School, one of my tireless associates at Tapestry of Hope, and will be performing as a call screener. He brings a grand total of zero hours of experience to the table.  Casey is a from California, so that's enough for me. He too is single and available - Ladies?

Garrett "Frodo" Irby will also be screening calls for the show.  He is a student at Beeson Divinity School and one of my tireless associates at Tapestry of Hope.  He has zero experience, but like Casey and Herbie, what he lacks in experience, he makes up in heart. Becki would like for me to say that Garrett is NOT available.

Steve Wingo a.k.a "Wingo Star" is a backup engineer and has slaved to create our bumpers for the show.  Bumpers are those little 30 second pieces of music going to and coming back from commercial.  He will be a calming presence for me in the studio.  His wife Chris Ann would love for  me to point out that he is NOT available.

Marc "The Widow Maker" Phillips wrote and produced our theme song. He calls this masterpiece, "The Prince of Porn."  I laughed hysterically at that.  That's also Marc doing the intro for the show.  Marc would kill me if I didn't let you know that he is single and available - Ladies?
Jesse Palmer is the creative genius behind the website, and our resident futurist. Bonnie would love for me to let you know that Jesse is NOT available. Important to note that Shawn Maddox was key in getting the copy into the website! 

So, there you have it.  That's the team that is working hard behind the scenes to bring Tal Prince Live! to life.  Without them, it would be Tal Prince Dead! And that would make for a fairly boring radio show.

Please pray for us!  And if you like it, contact the friendly folks at FamilyNet Radio and let them know! What's that? You need a phone number? Well, sure - that number is 770.225.1400.

Listen, and let us know what you think!
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