Peace On Earth? Really?

This is a video that we made for the Advent Season a couple of years ago - it's still relevant. Our world still desperately needs peace. So, how is it that we sing lines like, "Peace on earth, good will toward men" with straight faces? Given the current state of affairs in our world, can you see how people who are not followers of Jesus think we are fairly insane? Think about it for just a quick second - Peace on Earth - Where? Joy to the World - Where? Silent Night - Really? How many silent child births are you familiar with?

If you'd like to hear the sermon from last week that matches this video, follow this link.

In a world filled with chaos and more than it's share of pride, Jesus whispers peace. The world shouts "Pride!" The world shouts, "Image!" The world shouts, "SEX!" The world shouts, "Porn!" The world shouts, "Money!" Jesus whispers, "Peace." The world shouts "Protect yourself! Look out for your self!" Jesus whispers, "Die to your self."

The Gospel is always a paradox. The Gospel is always a conspiracy of grace.