Here's My Mission - What's Yours?

I have a love/hate relationship with some of my friends, don't you? One of my friends asked me today, "Tal, if you had to boil your mission in ministry down to one thing, what would it be?" Usually, I would do one of three things -

  1. Dance around the question like Paula Abdul on meth.
  2. Flip the question back on the questioner.
  3. Answer with some ridiculously complex sentence that made no sense, yet left every conceivable option wide open.
This day was different. There was no thought - no paralysis - no hesitation. I said, "My mission in ministry is to do all I can to help those in or out of the church get off of porn instead of getting off on porn. That pretty well sums it up - there's a lot that goes with it, but that's what I love to do.

What about you? If you had to boil it down to one simple sentence, what is your mission? What is God calling you to do?

6 Response to "Here's My Mission - What's Yours?"

  • mattadair Says:

    To equip people to take their place in God's mission - putting broken people and a broken world back together.

  • Tal Prince Says:

    Great stuff, brother. That's why I love what you guys do!

  • JENNY Says:

    TP - I love the fact that you are so transparent and doing something that is so important to help people in an area that is far more rampant than anyone wants to admit - rock on!

  • Tal Prince Says:

    Wow! Aren't you that girl from those Progressive commercials? Cool to have a celebrity on the blog site!

    Thanks for the encouragement, it is truly appreciated!

  • Garrett Says:

    Having Tal Prince post a response on my blog where he interacts with one of my posts. That's a pretty lofty goal...I know...but a boy can dream can't he? I think that is a good question, actually one I have given a little thought to over the past few months (little being the key word there). Contextualizing the gospel to lead people into an intimate relatinship with God and others. I dont normally quote this DA but I am defining contextualization in the first sense he describes it in "The Gagging of God" chapter 14.

  • Cesar Says:

    I'd say: Equip, Develop and Empower.

    Great blog post Tal! I'm glad I came across you and your ministry through Twitter.

    Cesar G. Gamez, MA
    Relationships Blog: