Hello, and an Explanation

Hey Friends,

Thanks for checking in -

So why the LONG delay between posts? I've been wanting to update and migrate the blog to a different platform and have kept telling myself - maybe this week. Each week I would say that, it was completely unrealistic.

We are in the midst of planning and visioneering our ministry and it's going to be GREAT! It is very exciting. We are working hard on that, and it will lead to a new website with our blogs, most likely, embedded. So, working on a redesign seems silly right now, right? Right.

I've also been working a great deal on my first book, and that has taken a great deal of time and effort away from here. AND, I was recently signed by the Premiere Speakers Bureau out of Nashville. If you would like to schedule me to come speak, that would be sweet! Just call my agent (feel really weird saying that) Jeremy Breland at: 615.261.4000. He'll be happy to hear from you and give you all of my riders - you know fun stuff like M&Ms separated by color and certain brands of bottled water. KIDDING!

So - what's going on with you?