Tal in the Great White North

Hey friends,

SO, I just finished the Ruth Graham and Friends event in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada. We had a really nice time here, and what's a trip through Canada without a swing out to Timmy's! You know I'm a loyal Krispy Kreme guy, but The Tim Horton Donut is in its' own league. We must tip our hat to Timmy, friends.

The conference went well, and I made some new friends here. The key is that several people came forward wanting to break free from pornography/sex addiction. That is a great day! It's amazing to watch God redeem and bring glory to himself through my rank disobedience over the years of my struggle.

There's such confusion around justification and sanctification everywhere. Even in the Great White North, eh?

When we surrender to the call of the Holy Spirit, and accept the gift of God's astounding mercy and grace that was paid for by the death of Jesus, we are immediately justified. Our sin debt is cancelled out, and we can never owe again. NEVER. We don't OWE God. How could we? How could we pay? And if we could pay, why would we need Him, right? We are found Just in the eyes of God, because we are then hidden in the powerful blood of Jesus Christ. God looks at us and sees his Son. Amazing, I know. It's "just as if I'd" never done anything wrong. We are given the righteousness of Christ. That's why our righteousness does exceed that of the Pharisees - it's not us or what we do or don't do - It's about Jesus and what He did.

We are not, however, sanctified at that moment. Sanctification is becoming like Christ. That process is with us as long as we continue to sin which is as long as we live on this earth. Until Christ returns to set up His eternal reign on earth, we will struggle, sin and put it in the ditch.

I had this talk a million times here in Grand Prairie, and I'll have it as many times back home. It's difficult for some to understand - especially in addiction circles. You hear it when people say, "I'm delivered from that. I am not in recovery - I am recovered and no longer struggle."

Now hear me carefully - I do believe that can happen. I know a few people that have been miraculously healed and delivered from various addictions, but that is not the normal way out. Remember Paul and the thorn in his flesh here. We still struggle with things to remind us of our total dependence on Christ.

When we talk like that, those that are still struggling with an addiction suddenly begin to fear they may not be believers - they may not yet be justified. NO! You are justified at surrender. Sanctification takes the rest of your life.

I am still powerless over porn and sex. If I allow any other thought than that, I will fall. My only hope for victory is the constant empowerment of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in m life. His presence with me enables victory. It's the Gospel. It's only the Gospel and it is ALWAYS the Gospel that frees us, but the Gospel is not just a one time thing.

The Gospel is life - it's how we must live day in and day out. It's not just about one time salvation and eternal security. It's strength and the empowering presence of Christ right here, right now.

I'm sitting in an airport on the net right now. What's to keep me from surfing porn? The Gospel. Not me. Not my will. Not an acrostic. Not a formula. It's desiring God's glory more than the satisfaction of my flesh. That only comes from having seen glimpses of God's glory and that comes only through relationship with Him which comes only through the Gospel. You see, it's always about Jesus, isn't it? It really is. It is only about Jesus.

I don't steer clear of porn because I'm afraid God is going to punish me. I steer clear of porn because I have Jesus. I am becoming more and more like Christ as I die to my will. I want that more than sex or porn now.

We have all prayed and prayed and prayed "God please just take this desire away from me." He is not going to. He may, but that's not the normal way. He is waiting for us to desire the relationship with Him and His glory, more than our flesh. And we're back to the prodigal.

The prodigal wished his Father dead by asking for his inheritance. He wanted his satisfaction more than the relationship with his Father. And very often, so do we. But there is the Father, waiting at the gate every single time.

So do you need to come home today? Desire that relationship with Him, and His glory, and He'll run to you. Trust me. Make that step...

8 Response to "Tal in the Great White North"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Yeah but what if ur problem is gay porn. I think I am too low to be fixed the way u describe it will take alot more than that,sorry. U dont no how lucky u are really. This is living hell some times. Peace man.

  • Tal Prince Says:

    Hey Anonymous!
    Thanks for posting, and for reading my blog. Listen, gay porn is no different than straight porn. Sexual immorality is sexual immorality. It's not like God cuts the straight porn user some more slack, and then punishes the gay porn user. It doesn't work like that in God's economy.

    You could really benefit from some solid counseling from a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist.

    Do you know how many people I talk to who struggle with gay porn? It's all the time! I mean ALL the time. There is hope, there is help, and there is freedom! Trust me.

    Answer a question for me, will you? How was your relationship with your father? I'll bet there were some pretty significant struggles there - most people that struggle with gay porn have issues with their Dad.

    I'm telling you - you can break free. You are never too low. I don't care if your looking at porn or having sex with a man, a woman, or an animal - you can get help! Trust me - I have seen it all, and have heard and seen amazing stories of deliverance and recovery.

    Stay in touch with me, and let's work on this. God loves you, and you can be free. Trust me - better yet - trust Him.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Pop was a control freek and nothing i ever did was good enough for him. Sorry i cant step forward right now not gonna happen. But i'll keep reading and studying. Peace.

  • Tal Prince Says:

    Hey Anonymous,

    You don't have to come out and tell everyone right now. In fact, I would suggest you don't. You may never do that.

    But, you can get help - if you want it. If you don't want it - you can continue to deal with the pain, the guilt and the shame.

    SO much of your stuff is rooted in your relationship with your Dad. Trust me, you can break free from this stuff.

    You could sit down with a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist and work this stuff out. Trust me.

    I can help you, if you like. Where do you live?

    You can break free - if you want to. The choice is yours. Keep the struggle, or have someone help you carry it.

    You are safe here, and with me. We'd love to get you some help.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I was told you could minister to a pastor who struggles with this. Is that true?

  • Tal Prince Says:

    Hi Anonymous,
    Most days I hear from a pastor, or music minister, or someone on staff that is dealing with this stuff.

    I am very safe, and am happy to help anyway I can. You can e-mail me directly at: tal@tapestryofhope.com Everything is kept in strict confidentiality.

    You are on your way to freedom - just keep coming!

  • Anonymous Says:
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  • Tal Prince Says:

    I removed the last post because it contained a phone number, and since there are lots of folks the lurk here, I didn't want you to get publicly busted, brother.

    E-mail me, and let's chat that way first. Let me know what type of porn you are struggling with, how long you have been wrestling with it. The more information I get, the better.

    Don't hesitate - I've heard everything - believe me.