The Shack is Back!

Hey Friends!

We are very fortunate to have William P. Young back on the show this week. Who is William P. Young you ask? He's the author of The Shack, which has now sold over 750,000 copies by riding the best marketing blitz that $300 can buy.

The book is not without it's detractors and controversy. Just check out Driscoll's rant on Youtube.

He's far from alone, but still, this book is having remarkable success. I read the book, and while I understand where some of the critics are coming from, it seems clear to me that most have not even read the book.

This book is great if you have shame issues, or if you have suffered greatly in your life.

If you have read the book, please call the show tomorrow night to talk with the author! Again, we're on at 9:00PM Eastern on Sirius channel 161. We'll most likely take calls tomorrow night. SO, whether you like it or hate it, give us a call. You can also e-mail questions to