Remembering Maria Sue Chapman

It was years ago that Teresa and I made the decision that it was finally time to adopt. It was shortly thereafter that we met Steven Curtis Chapman for the first time and talked to him about it, as we knew they had adopted from China.

We told him that we didn't want to wait for Teresa to turn 30, as China requires, but he urged us to reconsider. We did, and after much prayer, we decided to wait. This is how we got Bethany, and shortly thereafter, JoHannah.

Over the years of crusade work, I crossed paths with Steven and we exchanged stories and photos of our daughters.

It was with great sadness that we got the news of Maria Sue's death this past Wednesday. It is just so sad, but we do not grieve without hope.

I have been truly struck this week by a couple of songs that Steven wrote. He had no idea what he was really writing about in these songs, but God surely did.

Watch the videos, and think about and pray for the Chapman family in their loss. Particularly their teenage son who accidentally ran over Maria as he was leaving the house. It's just all so awful, but God has a plan and a reason - though we may not see it on this side of the Kingdom.

Jeremiah 29:11 is as true today as it ever was.

We do not grieve without hope.

Dance on, Cinderella. You are with the only one who loves you more than your parents.