Shane Claiborne on Tal Prince Live!

Hey friends!

I'm REALLY excited this week to have Shane Claiborne on the show. Remember, we are live Sunday nights from 9-10 EST/6-7 PST on Sirius Channel 161.

This is one of those guys that really gets the Gospel, and has taken it radically serious. Go check out his website at He is an author, and an activist. Actually, he even went to Baghdad and lived there during the shock and awe phase of the gulf war.

You want to live a counter cultural lifestyle? Cool. Then you will love Shane. He lives among the homeless in inner city Philadelphia and aids those in recovery from various addictions. They all live together in community and we're going to hear all about it!

His most recent books are, The Irresistible Revolution, and Jesus for President. You are going to love this guy, and you are definitely going to be challenged by him. Tune in and tell your friends!

1 Response to "Shane Claiborne on Tal Prince Live!"

  • Abbey Says:

    Shane was great on the show!
    Incredible ministry. Rob "from Fargo" didn't have the guts to call in... but his heart is so similar to Shane's it isn't funny.
    Great show.