Daphne Khoury Coming Back to the Show!

This week, we are so thrilled and fortunate to have Daphne Khoury coming back to the show. She is an amazing lady, with an incredible story of God's astounding grace.

Daphne worked as an exotic dancer and that turned into prostitution for a number of years before experiencing the change that only the Gospel can bring. She got out of the business and now works with The Pink Cross Foundation and other ministries that are focused on helping get performers out the industry.

She is a highly intelligent and delightful woman, and we are happy to have back with us!

We'll be talking about her brief experience at Erotica LA last weekend, and porn in general. There's a new show starting on Showtime called, "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl." The show would have us believe that prostitutes do what they do because they love sex and money. The trouble with the show is that it's not a real prostitute in the role. It's an actress with a script that provides a highly sanitized and fictitious view of prostitution.

Daphne will be able to tell us the truth about what it's like to be a working prostitute. She may even have some of her friends join in the show too! Please call in to 1 800 528 HOPE, or e-mail questions in advance to hope@talprincelive.com We'll keep you anonymous - you're safe with us at Tal Prince Live!

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  • lana Says:

    Tal, Thanks again for stoping by my blog. I will point others to your site as I am given the opportunity.

  • Garrett Says:

    Hey man, why so long between blog posts? Get off your butt and do something. Or, sit on your butt and type out something good on this blog to keep the troops entertained. Gotta keep the troops entertained. Seriously, how about posting that Crowder vid you made?