Dan Kimball On Tal Prince Live!

Hey, sorry for the shortage of posts recently. Way too much going on in my world, and I just haven't had time to write. I need to learn, though, that it's probably better if I write more frequent, shorter posts instead of my longer ones that appear too infrequently. Let me know your thoughts on that...

ANYWAY! Tonight on the show I'm having another of my favorite people. His name is Dan Kimball, and he's a pastor in Santa Cruz, California. He has written several books including The Emerging Church, Emerging Worship, and his latest, They Like Jesus, But Not The Church. I love his latest work, and resonate with it in a powerful way.

This guy really gets it, and I'm so excited to have him on the show! He's played drums in rockabilly bands, and is all about good music. How can we not love that, right?

Here's the thing - he understands the mission of the church, and particularly in a post modern context. Evangelism for Dan is about building relationships and listening. He does all of this while holding on to, what he calls, vintage faith. He doesn't compromise, but doesn't bludgeon either.

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Come join this conversation tonight!